Dr. Tiy-E was our anniversary present to each other. He not only helped get our marriage back on the right track… He gave us the tools to enjoy each other in new ways. We look forward to our weekly sessions. We laugh more, we spend more time together and we now know that we’ll be together to celebrate many more anniversaries! Thank you Dr. Tiy-E! read more

Mr. & Mrs. Davis

What can I say? One Love Counseling Services has helped me tremendously. I started off going to individual sessions with Dr. Muhammad which then led couples sessions with my significant other. We have achieved happiness and fulfillment not only in your relationship but in our lives. Dr. Muhammad helped me see the how important communication with my partner is and that things only get better as you work at them.

Some sessions are more challenging than others but with each session I walk away with better insight. Dr. Muhammad helped better my martial journey and family bond. read more

A. Chibeta

Today’s session was the best one I’ve ever had. Even though I talked the whole time, the insight you had and the things you had to say, were Right On. I’ve been to two other therapists, a mid 60s black man and an early 30s white man. Neither of them seemed to get it/me; maybe I was still too fresh in my pain. But neither of them really challenged me like this Day One. Accountability coach really struck a nerve and I appreciate… that part.

I look forward to the work and relationship we can build together. I promise to be myself and as vulnerable as I can, every time. (I think I subconsciously wrote that out so you have it in writing and can REALLY hold me to it) read more


Since our last meeting with you we have definitely been making more of an effort to better understand, and accept each other. We truly appreciate all that you’ve done for us in this short amount of time. You’ve definitely opened our eyes to understanding compatibility, the importance of accepting each other, and for me the importance of doing our own work, . I’m not sure where this journey will take us, but I wanted to thank you for being a part of it. Thank you again for your assistance. read more


I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your support and the time you put in conversing with Laurie and I. I have been seen by several different professional therapists over the years and I must admit that you are the best one by far.

At this time I have to discontinue counseling sessions on my end. I feel as if Laurie and I are becoming unfixable and it’s time we look at us as a whole and make the best decision to find our happiness independently of each other. I don’t think counseling will help us anymore but I am grateful to have met with you over the past month, each session was very rewarding and I appreciate that.

I wish you the best and know you will continue to help tons of people along the way. Take care and thank you for everything. read more

Cortez & Laurie